Table centralizing information and documents to download relating to CNP Assurances' financial results in 2020
 Quarterly indicators as of March 31, 2021First-Half 2021 Results as of June 30, 2021Quarterly indicators as of September 30, 2021Full-Year 2021 Results  as of December 31, 2021
Press release    PDF (EN)PDF (EN)  
Analyst/investor presentation     PDF (EN)  
Analyst/investor presentation webcast PDF (EN)Webcast (EN)  
Consolidated financial statements    PDF (EN)  
Financial supplement EXCEL (EN)  
Additional informationEXCEL (EN)   
Alternative performance measures (Glossary)PDF (EN)PDF (EN)  
Registration document /Half-year financial report     PDF (EN)  
MCEV report        
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