A long-term project, the corporate mission sets the “course” for the company's strategic orientations by taking better account of the social and environmental issues inherent in its activity.

Openness to others and the world

CNP Assurances’ corporate mission is our cardinal value, openness to others and to the world:

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Develop our uniqueness by embodying our corporate mission

It drives our actions and commits us to our stakeholders through 18 concrete objectives:

# For our employees

To support the development of our employees within a community containing a wealth of talent and diversity.

  • Promote equal opportunities
  • Enrich the skills of our employees 
  • Develop the commitment of our employees in an environment that promotes individual and collective well-being

# For our clients

To make a protection solution accessible to everyone, regardless of their situation, and to be there when our policyholders need us.

  • Support the customer at all times
  • Make insurance clear and easy
  • Support as many people as possible, regardless of their situation

# For our partners

To build, along with our partners, innovative, high-performance solutions that move protection forward.

  • Strengthen synergies with our partners to increase insurability and protection
  • Support changing protection needs
  • Work with our partners to build a complete ecosystem of innovative solutions for their customers

# Four our shareholders

To responsibly generate sustainable financial performance.

  • Generate steady and sustainable economic performance
  • Improve our non-financial performance
  • Do more in support of a sustainable economy as a major player in responsible investment

# For the society

To help create a more inclusive and sustainable society, where each person can find their place.

  • Promote inclusive growth through our purchasing policy
  • Assist and support projects with a social impact to promote better living in society 
  • Promote responsible savings that are intended to have a positive impact on society and the environment

# For the planet

To combat global warming and protect living things as a committed participant in the ecological transition.

  • Finance energy and ecological transition
  • Take the environmental expectations of customers into account when managing their savings
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions



For more information, download our Booklet Corporate Mission

The choice of co-construction

To define its corporate mission, CNP Assurances has opted for a collaborative approach with its main stakeholders:

  • working groups with policyholders and employees;
  • interviews with our partners, shareholders, associations and NGOs;
  • online consultation open to 5,300 Group employees.
    This phase made it possible to take note of their expectations and prioritise the economic, social and environmental issues to which CNP Assurances plans to contribute in the years to come.

Approved by 97% of shareholders in April 2021, our corporate mission reflects what makes CNP Assurances so special, as heir to the national provident funds (Caisses Nationales de Retraite et de Prévoyance) created in the 19th century to expand employee protection, which it wishes to continue to embody:

  • a committed company faced with major demographic, environmental and digital changes that raise as much hope as risks of division and exclusion. 

Download our manifesto


At the core of our strategy

"Beyond our commitment as a responsible investor and insurer, we will thus demonstrate the real usefulness of our business to all our stakeholders, including the most vulnerable"

Stéphane Dedeyan, chief executive officer

"Our corporate mission is part of CNP Assurances’ long history of social and environmental commitment. We are writing a new chapter in this story, which commits us collectively and over the long term."

Véronique Weil, chairwoman