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A company like no other

By Bérengère Grandjean, HR Director at CNP Assurances

Joining CNP Assurances means joining an ambitious company.
As the leading personal insurer, our goal is to become the leading digital insurance company.

Our Group develops recognised expertise in life insurance, personal risk and individual and group retirement in both Europe and Latin America.
In both these continents, it combines economic performance and social performance with its various partners.

Joining CNP Assurances also means joining a group on a human scale.
It is an organisation that implements HR policies that seek to offer all of its employees a career path suited to their talents.
CNP Assurances offers many development opportunities in France and abroad. Each year it invests around 5% of its wage bill in training.

CNP Assurances has for a long time been particularly committed to training young people on work-study programmes. Each year it welcomes nearly 100 young people studying for qualifications from advanced vocational diplomas up to Master's level.

We believe that all of our employees play a part in their own career development. This is why we promote a work environment throughout the entire Group that respects people and is conducive to making use of all skill levels with a view to sustainable performance.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our Group.
If you wish to make a positive contribution to our Group, please click here to apply (link to the platform). We are always looking for new talent.

Human Resources Director, CNP Assurances.

Foundation missions

Cardiac emergency

As early as 2009, the Foundation decided to commit to improving the management of cardiac arrest and first aid. Promoting the presence of defibrillators in public places and raising awareness of their use can save between 5,000 and 10,000 lives each year.

Reduce social inequalities in health

France is the Western European country with the greatest social inequalities in healthcare. Prevention and promotion of health, access to rights, education, etc. – the Foundation works in these key areas to strive for a more egalitarian society among the young, from secondary school pupils to students, for a fairer society.