The Board of Directors of the CNP Assurances Corporate Foundation comprises 13 members appointed for five years as representatives of the founding company, representatives of its employees and persons renowned for their expertise in the Foundation’s sphere of activity.

The Board of Directors defines the Foundation’s general policy, selects the projects and decides its key operations.


6 representatives of the founding company

  • Stéphane Dedeyan, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Foundation
  • Agathe Sanson, Director of Strategic Marketing, Communication and Sponsorship, Vice-Chair of the Foundation
  • Patricia Garcia, Responsible for supplier accounting, Treasurer of the Foundation
  • Bérengère Auxoux-Grandjean, Human Resources Director
  • Vincent Damas, CSR Director
  • Dr Martine Reverberi, Head of Service Médical d’Assurances


2 CNP Assurances employee representatives

  • Candie MASSET, Account Manager, Caisse d'Epargne death unit
  • Christophe Boisdevesys, Technical-sales Associate, Social Protection business unit


5 qualified persons


  • Dr Virginie Halley des Fontaines, public health doctor, member of the French Public Health Council (Haut Conseil de la Santé Publique - HCSP)
  • Camille Marc, head of the Entreprendre & + endowment fund
  • Pr Alain Serrie, senior university lecturer, lead consultant at Lariboisière hospital’s department of pain medicine and palliative medicine, member of the national academy of surgeons and the national academy of medicine
  • Geneviève Justin, principal of Plaisance College in Créteil
  • Dr Michel Bignand, medical officer with emergency training, director of studies at Val de Grâce school (French defence health service). Until September 2019, he was Chief Medical Officer of the Paris Fire Brigade, where he worked hard on the recognition of cardiac arrest in order to improve its care, from taking the call to hospitalisation.

In the period from its inception in 2011 until year-end 2020, the Foundation disbursed €7,046,059. The additional €905,894 disbursed in 2021 brings the total to €7,951,953.