The environment in which we are born, grow up and then develop has a considerable impact on our health. Inequalities are created from childhood, emerge or are exacerbated in adolescence, and increase in adulthood depending on economic and social conditions, lifestyle or access to rights and healthcare. These decisive elements act on the health condition and life paths of us all.

Fondation CNP Assurances seeks to prevent risks in order to reduce social inequalities in health, according to three principles of action:

  • Spark innovative health, education and community-building solutions that are effective in protecting people and society over the long term
  • Build together with our partners risk prevention initiatives and health and well-being
  • Involve employees and support their engagement projects

In 2021, more than 79,000 young people benefited from the actions of the CNP Assurances Foundation.

Actions to promote staying in school

Cours de cuisine pour élèves

The Foundation, a member of the Alliance for Education-United Way, is involved in the fight against school dropout through the Défi Jeunesse programme, which aims to create the conditions for a chosen career path for young people from priority areas by involving associations and bringing the company closer to the school. The programme applies to 34 secondary schools classified as Priority Education Networks. The Alliance is continuing this pilot in high schools. The Foundation co-constructed the Wellness/Health component of the Youth Challenge, offering activities based on relaxation, yoga, theatre, eloquence and citizenship.

Reducing student deprivation and unhappiness

Deux étudiants dans un caddy

The Foundation’s partnership with the Fédération des Associations Générales Étudiantes (National federation of student associations - FAGE) aims to reduce student deprivation and unhappiness through two measures: the creation of a network of “AGORAé” socially-responsible grocery stores, enabling them to access healthy food at low prices and the “prevention of student unhappiness” programme through a range of actions undertaken on campuses and within the AGORAé stores, such as workshops to promote mental health and prevent psychosocial risks, actions to reduce risks relating to addictions, etc.

A helping hand for young talents in healthcare

Deux étudiants discutants dans un espace de co-working

The Foundation partners Fondation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet pour la Vocation, which helps deserving young people fulfil their professional calling by awarding them a grant. Every year, the Vocation Prize enables these young people to complete their studies or start their working life. Within this framework, the Foundation supports young people training for medical and paramedical professions.

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