France is the Western European country where social inequalities in healthcare are at their greatest – a situation amplified by longer life expectancy, changes in the family structure, fewer jobs and a culture of “everyone for themselves”.

In order to tackle this, the Foundation has prioritised three objectives:

  • Prevention and promotion of healthcare.
  • Easier access to information about individual rights.
  • Action in a decisive aspect of healthcare – education.

The Foundation has adopted an approach of joint project development with its partners.
Discover the missions that are important to it.

Fight against dropping out of school

Cours de cuisine pour élèves

The Foundation, a member of the United Way Alliance, is committed to fighting dropping out of school. The programme applies to 27 secondary schools in the Priority Education Network. It accompanies secondary school pupils aged from 12 to 15 (and their families) in education, healthcare and living together better.

Socially-responsible grocery stores

Deux étudiants dans un caddy

The Foundation supports the Agoraé project of the Fédération des Associations Générales Étudiantes (FAGE).
The Agoraé are socially-responsible grocery stores that enable students, selected according to social criteria, to have access to a healthy and balanced diet. They buy products for prices 80% to 90% cheaper than in supermarkets. The Agorae are also communities, where people can support each other.

Prevention of high-risk behaviour

Trois adolescentes sur un vélo

The Foundation and Unis-Cité have created the first national programme dedicated to the prevention of high-risk behaviour concerning the health of young people: “Re’Pairs Santé”. The civic service Unis-Cité volunteers become “health ambassadors” to other young people.
The Foundation is also committed to funding a redesign of the health module included in civic education and citizenship training provided to young people in Unis-Cité.

Preventative healthcare

Quatre adolescents lisant des livres

With its partner Bibliothèques Sans Frontières the Foundation has developed the Ideas Box concept (roaming multimedia library) by creating Health Ideas Boxes dedicated to preventative healthcare for young people. This is aimed at vulnerable people and offers thematic educational content, including prevention of drug use, emotional and sexual relations, unhappiness and well-being, food, access to rights, etc.

Equal opportunities

Deux étudiants discutants dans un espace de co-working

The Foundation is a partner of the Fondation pour la Vocation. This programme promotes equal opportunities for 18-30 year olds in difficulty (people with disability, orphans, immigrants, those from difficult social situations, etc.) who are entering medical and paramedical professions.
The Foundation’s grants enable young people to complete their studies or give them a helping hand to start their working life.

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