The environment in which we are born, grow up and then develop has a considerable impact on our health. Inequalities are created from childhood, emerge or are exacerbated in adolescence, and increase in adulthood depending on economic and social conditions, lifestyle or access to rights and healthcare. These decisive elements act on the health condition and life paths of us all.

Fondation CNP Assurances seeks to prevent risks in order to reduce social inequalities in health, according to three principles of action:

  • Spark innovative health, education and community-building solutions that are effective in protecting people and society over the long term
  • Build together with our partners risk prevention initiatives and health and well-being
  • Involve employees and support their engagement projects

In 2021, more than 79,000 young people benefited from the actions of the CNP Assurances Foundation.

Actions to promote staying in school

With the non-profit Alliance for Education-United Way, we are developing a new "Employee engagement and Educational cities" project. Guidance and orientation is a factor that aggravates social inequalities for young people, and so the project aims to strike early, at the junior high stage, to give the underprivileged the tools they need to make informed, goal-appropriate decisions.

Partnerships in two areas:

  • Employee engagement with young people attending schools in priority areas
  • Coordination and closer monitoring of students under the Educational cities programmes.

Learn more on the Alliance for Education-United Way website

Reducing student deprivation and unhappiness

We have reaffirmed our support for FAGE’s actions. Just as we have done since 2016, we are supporting the “AGORAé subsidised grocery stores” project, which aims to tackle student hardship, prevent distress and champion good health among young people.

2021 Key figures:

  • Financial support: €80,000 + a one-time €50,000 donation
  • 24,932 students have accessed AGORAé’s products and services
  • 144 trainee health workers benefited from seaside & mountain breaks under the “Un bus, un campus” programme
  • 15,000 students took advantage of the “Mental health” programme.

Learn more on the FAGE website

Promoting health and the prevention of high-risk behaviour

We are supporting ADOSEN’s Coop-Addict project. Its goal is to help junior-high and high-school students gain the life skills they need to keep them addiction-free.
The project is built around a board game – part escape game and part role-play game – and aims to nip addictive behaviours in the bud through a reflexive, peer dialogue-based approach. 

For the school year 2021/2022, its ambition is to train 15 000 students and 220 educators. And by 2023, the training will benefit 35,000 students and 600 educational staff.

Learn more on the ADOSEN website

Health education in priority areas

The CNP Assurances Foundation is supporting the project "Preventing stress and anxiety among high school students, reducing social inequalities in health" by the Ecolhuma association (ex-Synlab). 

This project aims to develop the well-being of high school students by strengthening the support capacities of their teachers. It relies on the ÊtrePROF platform to federate a community of volunteer teachers, acculturated to the issues of well-being at school.

For the 2021/2022 school year, the project intends to reach 500 teachers, 45,000 high school students and 2,000 classes. And within three years, the goal is to reach 3,000 teachers, 270,000 high school students and 12,000 classes.

Learn more on the Ecolhuma website

Support for well-being, social and professional integration

The CNP Assurances Corporate Foundation supports the “Pass Bien-être” training program project catering chiefly for young people aged 16 to 25 with disabilities supported by AGIVR. It has set itself two objectives:

  • Giving young people the means to acquire and develop by themselves skills and behaviors conducive to their health and well-being
  • Developing the life skills critical for them to establish their place in society and the workplace

The project intends to train 150 à 200 people every , or year 600 participants over three years. This pilot will then be deployed to other associations.

Learn more on the AGIVR website

A helping hand for young talents in healthcare

Deux étudiants discutants dans un espace de co-working

The Foundation partners Fondation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet pour la Vocation, which helps deserving young people fulfil their professional calling by awarding them a grant. Every year, the Vocation Prize enables these young people to complete their studies or start their working life. Within this framework, the Foundation supports young people training for medical and paramedical professions.

Evaluating tools for developing young people's psychosocial skills

The University of Bordeaux’s DAVANTAJ action research project represents a new departure for us.
This new type of project aims to provide answers to two questions:

  • To what extent and under what conditions do existing programmes educating young people about best health and well-being practices enable them to develop life skills, firstly, in a school environment and, secondly, under the Alliance pour l’éducation–United Way’s Défi Jeunesse programmes?
  • What scope is there for social media in this approach?

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