Our mission

Protect in the long term

Lifestyles and habits are changing, careers are fragmenting, new social issues are emerging and impacting everyone’s lives.
Our mission is to protect people in the long term and help them face risks now and in the future.

Key figures

  • 37 Mn

    personal risk and protection policyholders worldwide
    and 14 million savings and pension policyholders

  • 5,243

    employees worldwide

  • €32,4 bn

    in premium income 2018

Our partnership model

CNP Assurances specialises in developing its products in close collaboration with each of its partners. In addition to major distribution partnerships in France (with La Banque Postale and Groupe BPCE), in Europe (with Banco Santander) and in Brazil (with Caixa Econômica Federal), each year we sign new agreements...

Our approach to innovation

Society, lifestyles and forms of work are changing and each person is expressing particular needs. Therefore, CNP Assurances no longer thinks in terms of “products”, but “tailor-made solutions”. This new insurance concept requires innovation at all levels: with our partners and our customers and using disruptive methods.


Corporate governance

The organisation of roles and responsibilities within the Company gives the Board of Directors full powers to act in the name of CNP Assurances and to authorise all actions and transactions that fall within the scope of the Company’s corporate purpose.

Ownership structure

CNP Assurances has a solid ownership structure, with the majority of its capital held by public sector shareholders that are committed to supporting its development over the long term.
CNP Assurances started life as a state-controlled enterprise, becoming a private sector company in 1992. It is organised as a société anonyme and is administered by a Board of Directors.

The CNP Assurances foundation

Founded in 1993, the CNP Assurances Corporate Foundation is committed to public health. What is its role? To promote, support and initiate any action and any project of general interest in the healthcare field. It fits perfectly with CNP Assurances’ mission for the last 160 years.