Protect in the long term

Lifestyles and habits are changing, careers are fragmenting, new social issues are emerging and impacting everyone’s lives (new forms of work, access to housing, longer life expectancy and changes in social protection).

CNP Assurances is a leading personal insurer in France, across Europe and in Brazil. Together with its partners, it is reinventing insurance by devising suitable protection solutions for the full spectrum of needs and is investing responsibly to help build a positive future for everyone.

Anticipating economic and social developments is our expertise. CNP Assurances has been insuring everyone's future for 170 years in France and is now active in Europe and Latin America, with protection and savings solutions distributed by a large number of partners, both online and via its network of advisors.

Promoting a sustainable society, environment and economy is our corporate social responsibility.  This commitment, at the heart of our mission and strategy, inspires our offers and guides our financial practices, stimulates our innovations and illuminates our transformation.

Innovate with our partners

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Building on our public values, the Group designs solutions that closely match the needs of its partners (banking networks, mutual insurance companies, personal risk institutions, companies, associations and local authorities) and innovates with them so that customers can have daily services and protection solutions that are best suited to their needs.