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Michel Chabanel

CNP Assurances is one of the champions of the world of private equity, is this opportunism or a sustainable strategy?

Michel Chabanel, Chairman of the French Association of Investors for Growth, Paris, France.



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On Thursday 1 June, in La Villette (Paris, 19th…

Tomorrow is already here

Investments breaking new ground

CNP Assurances embarked on a responsible investor approach ten years ago,…
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CNP Assurances launches its new baseline : “insuring all our futures” 

CNP Assurances is affirming its position as the leader in personal insurance with a new advertising campaign, a new visual identity, and a new website. Because life is full of change, the Group is committed to “insuring all our futures.”

Launched in 2016 with a budget of €100m over 5 years, the Open CNP programme aims to financially support the growth of innovative start-ups while developing mutually rewarding partnerships. The start-ups are in similar fields of activity to those of CNP Assurances: e-health, fintech, insurtech...


2016 Annual report

CNP Assurances Annual report 2016

Our commitments

Our corporate social responsability Report 2016 is now available. On this occasion, discover our commitments
towards a sustainable economy and for an attractive enterprise.