1. Your application stage 1

    Do you want to put your skills to good use at CNP Assurances? Apply now!

    Select a job offer that matches your career aspirations.
    Create your applicant area including your CV and ambitions. The aim of this step is to make initial contact with our teams and to tell us about your career plans.

  2. Preselection stage 2

    That's it – your CV is now with us.

    Our recruiters have your application. This analysis phase allows us to verify the compatibility of your skills with our expectations for the position chosen.

  3. Interviews stage 3

    Your application has caught our attention! A recruiter and manager are ready to conduct an interview with you.

    As we actively fight against all forms of discrimination, your skills are assessed according to a structured interview based on the suitability of your skills for the position available. To increase your chances of success, we advise you to thoroughly prepare for these interviews.

  4. Responding to your application stage 4

    It's the call that you've been waiting for.

    The recruiter who you met informs you that you have been selected. It is now up to you to confirm your employment.

  5. Arriving at CNP Assurances stage 5

    We are pleased to welcome you to CNP Assurances! 

    Your new manager and the HR teams will support your integration into the company in every way.

All our offers at the same place

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