A few words from the Chair of the Board of Directors

"CNP Assurances has continuously insured people against life's uncertainties in a more open world for 170 years. At the top level of our market, our Group anticipates developments and adopts to them while remaining true to its values: respect for people and property, and ethics in conducting our business remain our leitmotifs.

Ethics are essential for ourselves and our relations with others. We conduct our business along these lines and expect an exemplary contribution from each corporate executive, member of staff and manager to reassert these Group values.

C@pEthic, our Group code of conduct, lays down the reference foundation for thinking ethics day after day. Respecting and upholding our values is a collective commitment throughout the Group, both in Europe and in South America. 

Please make time to read it carefully, and let's all set an example!

Let's maintain high standards in matters of integrity and reputation, and let's continue to feel proud of being part of the CNP Assurances group." 

Living our values all over the world

Employees shall act in the sole interest of the CNP Assurances group and its clients and at all times strive to protect the group image and its reputation. They shall in all circumstances avoid saying or doing anything that might damage the Group’s image or reputation, including in media subject to specific validation rules, and shall not use the Group’s name for any purpose not connected with their role and duties within the Group.

We believe that each employee should have control over his or her own professional development, and across the Group as a whole, foster a working environment that respects the individual and encourages the development of skill sets with a view to long-term performance.

Every day, we need to show that we are listening, that we care and that that we are innovating, in order to achieve our aim of insuring all futures. Our customers guide every single one of our actions and decisions. We expect our employees to put our customers first, every day.

Asserting zero tolerance towards corruption and traffic influence

We take a zero tolerance approach to acts of bribery and corruption.
Employees must not approach third parties (customers, partners, authorities, political parties) to solicit, offer or accept even the slightest favour, gift, invitation or donation that is of a scale or at a frequency exceeding the limits of good professional practice and the terms set forth in the entity’s procedures.

Any contribution to a political party is strictly forbidden.

Employees shall also refuse to accept any gift or advantage offered to them in good faith by a third party that might be seen as a bribe or that might compromise their independent judgement.

If any doubt as to whether it is appropriate to accept or give a gift, employees shall raise their concerns with their immediate manager or supervisor, or if raising the concern with management in this way places them in an uncomfortable position, refer to the entity’s Compliance department or the Group’s Ethics Officer by means of the special purpose tool.

Protect our customers

Employees shall behave with professionalism and honesty. In advising customers they shall refrain from misleading or making untruthful statements or practices.

Employees shall be free to propose solutions that are suitable for their customers’ demands and needs, without any pressure related to their terms of remuneration.

Employees shall be made aware of consumer protection regulations. In particular, customer complaints shall be handled with due care by employees, who shall be proactive in forwarding any information needed to resolve an incident reported by a customer.

They shall help in efforts made to search for beneficiaries of life insurance contracts, as this is one of the CNP Assurances group’s key customer protection commitments.

Combating money laundering, the financing of terrorism and fraud; complying with economic and financial sanctions measures; deployment of financial security arrangements

We are subject to strict regulations in this respect, and participate actively in the fight against fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Money laundering is an activity aimed at concealing the source or nature of funds derived from criminal activities.

Employees are a key link in the system put in place within the Group: they have up to date knowledge of our customers, which we need to meet our obligations.

Employees shall comply fully with internal anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing procedures. If they suspect a customer of using the CNP Assurances group’s products for fraudulent, money laundering or terrorist financing purposes, employees shall raise their concerns with the appointed individuals (AML or compliance correspondents or liaisons, group compliance division), in accordance with the procedures applicable in the entity.

The CNP Assurances Group also complies with measures relating to economic and financial sanctions, as well as obligations relating to financial embargoes and asset freezes.

Protect personal data

Because respect for privacy is a priority for the CNP Assurances group, we are committed to protecting all personal data. This commitment requires stringent organisational and IT security measures to be implemented.

As an insurer of individuals, CNP Assurances has access to sensitive data about people’s health, which shall be handled with particular care by employees.

Employees shall help to ensure respect for privacy by making sure that they do not disclose to any unauthorised third party, even unintentionally, the personal data to which they have access in the course of their work.

Employees shall also ensure that they minimise the impact on customer privacy of each decision made. They shall use personal data fairly, in accordance with the purposes for which that data has been collected and taking into account the principle of «proportionality», that is to say using only those data that are strictly necessary for their work.

Any failure or any fact likely to constitute a violation of the internal rules of the Group, or of the laws and regulations, must be reported to the ethics officer of the Group.


Issue an ethics alert

Contact our reporting system to report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct that can affect our company or the well-being of people.