For equal opportunities in health

Founded in 1993, Fondation CNP Assurances is committed to public health. What is its role? To promote, support and initiate any action and any project of general interest in the healthcare field.

Since becoming a corporate foundation in 2011, we have worked towards fulfilling CNP Assurances’ mission of acting as responsible insurers and investors pursuing our Group’s people-first agenda. Together with our partners, we are looking to build an inclusive and sustainable society by providing protection solutions and making life easier for as many people as possible.

Two axes of engagement

  • Saving lives

    In 2023, the CNP Assurances Foundation wanted to give a new direction to its "Saving lives" focus. It works to facilitate access to healthcare for people in precarious situations, particularly in rural areas.

  • Reduce social inequalities in health

    The environment in which we are born, grow up and then develop has a considerable impact on our health.
    Inequalities are created from childhood, emerge or are exacerbated in adolescence, and increase in adulthood depending on economic and social conditions, lifestyle or access to rights and healthcare. These decisive elements act on the health condition and life paths of us all.

Key figures

  • €800thousand

    per year from CNP Assurances

  • €8.7 m

    in support granted since the creation of the Foundation

  • 75,724

    young people guided along the path to more equal health outcomes in 2022

  • 11,400

    teachers supported by the Ecolhuma program, or more than 378,000 students potentially impacted

Our employees commit themselves

The Foundation supports employee projects that help promote health and well-being through education or creating strong communities. Since 2011, 113 projects have been supported, including 12 in 2022.

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