Health as a priority

Founded in 1993, the CNP Assurances Corporate Foundation is committed to public health. What is its role? To promote, support and initiate any action and any project of general interest in the healthcare field. It fits perfectly with CNP Assurances’ mission for the last 160 years.

2 main missions

Cardiac emergency

As early as 2009, the Foundation decided to commit to improving the management of cardiac arrest and first aid. Promoting the presence of defibrillators in public places and raising awareness of their use can save between 5,000 and 10,000 lives each year.

Reduce social inequalities in health

France is the Western European country with the greatest social inequalities in healthcare. Prevention and promotion of health, access to rights, education, etc. – the Foundation works in these key areas to strive for a more egalitarian society among the young, from secondary school pupils to students, for a fairer society.

Key figures

  • €887 000

    budget allocated
    to supported projects in 2018

  • 4,000

    defibrillators present
    throughout France

  • €5,5 m

    in support granted since
    the creation of the Foundation

  • 714

    projects selected by
    the Foundation since its creation

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