• Personal risk

    CNP Assurances plays a major role in the supplementary social protection of individuals and professionals. To meet their expectations, the Group’s products evolve along with the company.

    Some factors lead to the emergence of new protection needs:

    • geographical dispersion,
    • demographic change,
    • emergence of new working models,
    • longer life expectancy...

    CNP Assurances has therefore developed a range of innovative and supplementary products for life’s uncertainties :

    • personal accidents,
    • dependency,
    • death and funerals,
    • healthcare
    • incapacity and disability.

    Because personal risk is more than just financial services, CNP Assurances incorporates support and prevention services into its products, that come into effect on purchase.

  • Term creditor insurance

    The CNP Assurances Group supports its customers’ projects by covering :

    • real-estate loans,
    • personal loans,
    • and business loans.

    CNP Assurances is a leading term creditor insurer in France, thanks to a multi-distributor and multi-channel distribution, and in Brazil.
    Our term creditor insurance solutions are marketed:

    • via partner banking networks in France and Europe, including Unicrédit in Italy and Banco Santander in 12 countries,
    • and via various types of distributor (e.g. brokers and wholesalers).

    CNP Assurances is particularly vigilant in respecting the AERAS convention (insurance and loans with an increased health risk), which aims to facilitate access to insurance and credit for people suffering from an illness.

  • Healthcare & prevention

    From prevention to the payment of expenses in the event of illness or hospitalisation, we are at your side.

    • CNP Assurances covers healthcare expenses and costs. It adapts and designs modular healthcare agreements to enable its members to choose the reimbursement levels tailored to their needs across all healthcare centres.
    • Lyfe is the service platform dedicated to health and ageing well designed by CNP Assurances. It offers high added-value services to its beneficiaries: members and employees of mutual insurers, personal risk institutions and corporate partners of CNP Assurances. Learn more about the Lyfe.fr plaform
    • Anticipa is flexible healthcare and personal risk cover designed by CNP Assurances that adapts to the needs of working and retired employees (and their families) in four ministries:- Ministry of Education,- Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation,- Ministry of Culture,- and Ministry of Sports.Learn more about Anticipa.
  • Life insurance

    CNP Assurances is the leading life insurance company in France.  Life insurance policies make it possible to build up savings to finance your projects, protect your family in the event of unforeseen circumstances, grow your capital, plan for retirement, prepare the transfer of your assets, etc.

    To adapt to the needs and projects of each person, we have designed a range of products that respond to the diversity of profiles in terms of:

    • age
    • assets
    • income level
    • risk appetite
    • and of course projects.

    Life insurance is a tool that makes it possible to invest both in a savings vehicle in euros, as well as in a wide range of unit-linked vehicles. It is also possible to make investments in a policy under discretionary management.

    Today, the CNP Assurances Group offers euro-denominated, multi-vehicle, growth support and endowment policies. They are distributed in France and in other countries according to the needs of each market where CNP Assurances has established partnerships.

  • Pensions

    CNP Retraite (a subsidiary of CNP Assurances) is a leading player in the French retirement market, supporting more than one million policyholders prepare for retirement and receive their pensions. 

    It designs protective, effective and sustainable solutions, in particular individual and group retirement savings plans for employees, the self-employed and civil servants. 
    In corporate retirement savings, CNP Retraite designs standard or customised solutions for supplementary retirement and coverage of social commitments in particular, through our subsidiary Arial CNP Assurances, jointly owned with AG2R La Mondiale.

    In the area of individual retirement savings, we offer individual retirement savings plans that allow you to build up additional income at the time of retirement while making tax savings.

  • Guarantee

    For more than 15 years, CNP Caution has offered solutions in the area of guarantees for real-estate loans in the private market.

    The guarantees are provided under partnerships with financial institutions to meet their customers’ needs. This service complements the term creditor insurance offered by CNP Assurances which provides protection for the customer and a guarantee for the lender in the event of death, disability and inability to work.

  • Protection of property

    The merger of the property and personal insurance activities of La Banque Postale and CNP Assurances took effect on 11 April 2023, marking a new stage in the creation of a major public financial centre. 

    The merger was completed to create a comprehensive insurer model, in France and abroad. We are expanding our product range with home insurance, motor insurance, legal expenses insurance and affinity insurance products distributed by La Banque Postale.

    Home insurance

    Our range of home insurance policies is adapted to the situation of each policyholder, whether they are an owner, tenant or co-tenant. 

    In addition to essential cover, policyholders can adjust the policy to their protection needs by choosing additional cover, including:

    • theft and attempted theft, 
    • day-to-day assistance, 
    • electrical damage to appliances.

    Vehicle insurance
    Our motor insurance packages can be adapted to the level of protection desired and the requirements of policyholders, whether they drive frequently or infrequently.

    For motorcycles and scooters, protection levels are designed according to the vehicle’s size.

    Legal expenses insurance
    Our legal expenses insurance supports policyholders in the event of disputes, such as online scams or conflicts with neighbours or employers.
    Policyholders benefit from assistance in their legal procedures and coverage of their legal costs.

    Affinity insurance
    Our range of affinity insurance products protect everyday equipment:

    • insurance for portable devices covering all household appliances,
    • extended warranty insurance for household appliances and audio-visual and computer equipment.
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