During the press conference announcing CNP Assurances' 2021 results, Chief Executive Officer Stéphane Dedeyan unveiled the commitments related to the purpose included in the company's articles of association since the general meeting of 16 April 2021: “We promote an inclusive and sustainable society with our partners by providing solutions that protect and facilitate all life journeys.” 

CNP Assurances – a company open to others and to the world – has been taking action to build a more inclusive society and protect a sustainable environment since 2003 when it signed the United Nations Global Compact. 

A global approach to serve all its stakeholders 

By unveiling the commitments and objectives of its corporate purpose, CNP Assurances pursues a global approach to serve all its stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, shareholders, society, planet).

CNP Assurances undertakes to:

1/ support the development of our employees within a community containing a wealth of talent and diversity. CNP Assurances wants the entire group to be able to move forward at the same pace on issues of quality of life, well-being and commitment to work. The goal is to enrich the skills of employees throughout their careers and develop their commitment in conditions favourable to individual and collective well-being. Because CNP Assurances wants to encourage an inclusive society, the group is committed to promoting equal opportunities wherever it operates. The company increases the presence of women among its senior executives and facilitates the entry of young people into working life by welcoming an increased number of work-study students or trainees from priority neighbourhoods or ones who left school early.

2/ make protection solutions accessible to everyone, regardless of their situation, and be there when our policyholders need us. CNP Assurances undertakes to support them in all the key moments in their lives, to make insurance clear, easy and understandable and to insure the greatest number of people regardless of their situation. This is reflected in the simplification of systems for listening to and handling requests, the development of partnerships with associations to improve access to insurance and the inclusion of people who need it most. 

3/ build, along with our partners, innovative, high-performance solutions making progress for protection. CNP Assurances supports changing protection needs, strengthens synergies with its partners to increase insurability and protection, co-constructs services or assistance with them that are adapted to new realities to better support policyholders in difficult situations.

4/ generate sustainable economic performance in a responsible way: Within the public finance division, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale, CNP Assurances contributes to the fair transition towards an inclusive and sustainable society and guarantees long-term protection for policyholders. CNP Assurances continues to improve its non-financial performance compared to the insurance sector. As a major player in responsible investment, the group is stepping up its actions in favour of a sustainable economy by doubling its investments with an environmental or social impact. 

5/ help create a more inclusive and sustainable society, where each person can find their place. CNP Assurances supports the fight against all forms of exclusion. Driven by its value of openness to others and to the world, CNP Assurances has set a goal for itself to promote inclusive growth through its purchasing policy, a real lever for integrating people furthest from employment. To maximize its positive impact on society and the environment, the group strives to promote responsible savings among its customers. With support from employees wishing to carry out general interest measures during their working time, CNP Assurances accompanies and supports projects contributing to better living in society.

6/ take action against climate change and protect living things by being a committed player in the ecological transition. CNP Assurances has set objectives to protect biodiversity and tackle the climate challenge. The group takes into account the environmental expectations of its customers in the management of their savings and finances the energy and ecological transition by multiplying its outstanding green investments. It reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of its investment portfolio by supporting governments and companies in their transition to a carbon-free economy. It also reduces emissions from its own activities by adopting responsible practices on a daily basis. 

These objectives will be monitored by dedicated indicators and CNP Assurances will report on their progress each year.

A raison d’être that embodies the history of CNP Assurances and its vision for the future 

Adopted by its shareholders and included in the company’s articles of association, CNP Assurances’ raison d’être’reflects:
-    the specific nature of CNP Assurances as the heir of the national provident funds (Caisses Nationales de Retraite et de Prévoyance) created in the 19th century to make provision for employees the norm, as part of France’s public financial centre and as a subsidiary of La Banque Postale;
-    and what it wishes to continue to embody in the future, in order to strengthen and maintain over time the company’s responsible development model that contributes to society, in line with the specific nature of CNP Assurances’ multi-partnership and international model.


Stéphane DEDEYAN, Chief Executive Officer of CNP Assurances : « The primary driver of our uniqueness, our raison d'être is in itself a powerful lever for innovation and development for an inclusive and sustainable society. By pushing the limits of insurability, demonstrating pedagogy, empathy and concrete support; beyond our commitment as a responsible investor and insurer with our civic vocation, we will thus demonstrate the real usefulness of our business to all our stakeholders, including the most vulnerable.»