This press release is published jointly with Bibliothèques Sans Frontières and CRIPS IdF.

The Regional centre of information and prevention of AIDS for the health of young people in Île-de-France (CRIPS IdF) will deploy the Health Ideas Box, a mobile library in kit form, to undertake health prevention programmes among young people in Île-de-France and encourage them to take responsibility for their own health.

The result of a partnership agreement signed in 2017 between Fondation CNP Assurances and the NGO Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders), the Health Ideas Box is a mobile and connected library in kit form, which is deployed in less than 20 minutes to create a 100 m² health prevention centre. Based on the principle of the Ideas Box developed by Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, the Health Ideas Box is equipped with PCs, tablets, e-books and paper books, a cinema and specific content to enable young people in Île-de-France to benefit from specific educational resources intended to make them take responsibility for their health.

Based on 600 sets of content focused on health prevention co-created by Fondation CNP Assurances, NGO Bibliothèques Sans Frontières and a committee of scientific experts (books, board games, videos and creative materials), CRIPS IdF mediators will run awareness-raising workshops about emotional and sexual lives, the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, lifestyle and mental health.

The Health Ideas Box will be deployed in schools, within the “Workshop” (CRIPS IdF’s new welcome centre in Pantin) or in Cité de la santé/Cité des Sciences. It will also play a guidance role for resource structures and will strengthen the networking of local players.

CRIPS IdF, the third winner of the call for Health Ideas Box projects

Since 2017, Fondation CNP Assurances and NGO Bibliothèques Sans Frontières have organised as part of their partnership a call for projects open to local authorities and associations, to make use of this Health Ideas Box that they co-created.

CRIPS IdF, the winner in September 2020, succeeds the Urban Community of Boulonnais (2017) and the Town of Sarcelles (2019).

CRIPS Île-de-France is known for its know-how, team and experience on the ground, which will enable it to deploy the Health Ideas Box with immediate operational effect. Wholly in line with the areas of focus of Fondation CNP Assurances, which notably consist of combating social and geographical healthcare inequalities among young people, its project was selected by our jury from among some very high-quality candidates”, said Agathe Sanson, Director of Strategic Marketing, Communication and Sponsorship for CNP Assurances and Vice-Chair of Fondation CNP Assurances.