The CNP Assurances group’s Foundation, which sponsors SAUV Life and its “Citoyens sauveteurs relais du SAMU” (rescue citizens to help emergency medical services), is glad to support the association’s new initiative “Sam Sauv”: four scooters in the Paris region that help to transport healthcare professionals to the homes of people who call the SAMU’s emergency number.

Directing people to the right SAMU service

Once they arrive, the specially trained healthcare professionals will then make a first assessment of the patient’s condition and direct them to the right service. Apart from the scooters that have already been bought, CNP Assurances has also funded the training of these healthcare professionals in COVID-19 first-aid measures, the functioning of the system, and equipment.

Fondation CNP Assurances has since 2009 been working with local authorities to help finance and install defibrillators in public places, and with this new undertaking once again reaffirms its action to save lives. To reinforce its action, it has been drawing on the benefits of new technologies that facilitate citizens’ participation, and since 2019 has been sponsoring the association SAUV (Savoir Agir face à l’Urgence Vécue - “knowing how to act in an emergency”), which launched the collaborative geolocation application SAUV Life, a support for citizen intervention in medical emergencies. 

SAUV Life, an application that saves lives

At present, SAUV Life relies on 400,000 rescue citizens covering 52 departments.

By sponsoring SAUV Life, Fondation CNP Assurances is helping to extend the measure to all life-saving actions and to under-serviced or “white” areas in an undertaking that will take full effect in 2021. A community of volunteer citizens called “citoyens sauveteurs relais de SAMU” (rescue citizens to help emergency services) is being created as a new link in the emergency-relief chain, to act in “white” areas (located more than 30 minutes from an emergency station) while waiting for emergency relief to arrive.