Since 2009, Fondation CNP Assurances has been working with local authorities to help finance and install defibrillators in public places, and has reaffirmed its action to save lives through a new partnership signed with the SAUV Life (for Savoir Agir face à l’Urgence Vécue - Knowing how to act in an emergency) association.

It should make it possible to encourage the involvement of volunteer citizen rescuers. The association has developed the collaborative geolocation application SAUV Life, a support for citizen intervention in medical emergencies. To date, it can call on 300,000 citizen rescuers covering 46 departments. Thanks to their commitment and remarkable collaborative work, 79 hearts have been restarted in the space of 6 months.

Encouraging volunteer citizens to adopt life-saving actions 

The objective of the partnership between Fondation CNP Assurances and SAUV Life is to promote the development of the community of volunteers, the “citizen rescuers relay of SAMU (ambulance service) (*)”, who intervene in a white zone (located more than 30 minutes away from the emergency services) before the arrival of the emergency services. 

In the space of 10 years, Fondation CNP Assurances has financed the installation of 4,500 defibrillators and raised public awareness of life-saving actions in more than 2,700 communities.

Download the SAUV Life app on IOS

Download the SAUV Live app on Android

Reducing social inequalities in the health of young people: a reaffirmed strategic focus

In addition to reducing social inequalities in health, the Foundation is renewing its partnerships in 2020 with:

  • Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, with the deployment of Ideas Box Santé;
  • FAGE, by setting up AGORAé solidarity grocery stores for students;
  • Unis-Cité: Re’pairs Santé, a national civic service programme dedicated to the prevention of risky behaviour and the promotion of youth health by their peers;
  • United Way L’Alliance, by co-constructing the “wellness” component of the Défi Jeunesse programme for 31 secondary schools located in priority territories.

(*) A new link in the emergency services system, the “citizen rescuer” would benefit from a legal status as described in the bill adopted at first reading by the National Assembly (19/02/2019), then by the Senate (24/10/2019). Legislation that also aims to fight against cardiac arrest and to raise awareness of life-saving actions.