Thomas Chardonnel is Director of the BPCE Joint Venture business unit and also responsible for Retirement and European loan-protection insurance business activities, including the supervision of the CNP Santander, 
CNP Partners and CNP Caution subsidiaries. He is a member of the CNP Assurances Executive Committee.

Having graduated from ISC Paris Business School in 1994, he started his career as Head of Management Control and Reinsurance at GAN’s Hungary subsidiary. He then took on the role of commercial development in the emerging markets of Central Europe and the Middle East at SCOR Vie, before joining General Electric Insurance (Genworth) in Madrid, where he was Commercial Director responsible for development of loan-protection insurance for the Spanish market.

In 2005, he joined CNP Assurances, where he has performed several roles within the Bank Clients Division (loan- protection insurance), including Head of Commercial Development, Customer Service Director and, lastly, Deputy Director of Leadership.

In July 2013, he became Director of the Caisse d’épargne Partnership Centre and also Interim Director of the Wealth Networks Partnership Centre; he also joined the CNP Assurances group’s Executive Committee.

Since 2014, he was Director of the BPCE Joint Venture business unit.

He has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNP Santander since March 2019.