After three seasons devoted respectively to life insurance, term creditor insurance and SRI, the new CNP Assurances video campaign on Konbini raises awareness among young workers of the need to save for their retirement. Comedian Baptiste Lecaplain explains in particular the advantages of the Retirement Savings Plan and makes its operation more accessible to as many people as possible. 

Launched with the Pacte law in October 2019, the retirement savings plan (PER) is a long-term savings scheme used to build up capital or a full income for retirement. The advantages of this relatively new product are still little known to the general public, especially among the youngest members of the working population Raising young people’s awareness of preparing for retirement from the start of working life is a crucial step to help them anticipate and ensure their long-term financial well-being.

Continuing its commitment to making insurance and savings accessible to all, CNP Assurances is bringing together actor and comedian Baptiste Lecaplain and insurance expert Florent. As in previous seasons, the idea is to engage and unite a young audience around the issues of insurance and savings, thanks to the humour of Baptiste Lecaplain and his close collaboration with Florent.

In this fourth opus, they will explain, for example, the concepts of compulsory retirement and supplementary retirement, controlled management and free management, the principle of a tunnel investment and taxation of the PER. 

This season, the series consists of five 1’30” question and answer episodes, which will be broadcast from 9 November 2023 on the Konbini website, its social networks and those of CNP Assurances.

In 2022, the “En gros” series won the ARGUS D’OR 2022 in the “external communication campaign” category and the COM-ENT D’ARGENT in external digital communication.

Stéphane Dedeyan, Chief Executive Officer of CNP Assurances : "By raising young people’s awareness of the importance of preparing for retirement as soon as they enter the workforce, this new season of CNP Assurances on Konbini highlights with humour and education the benefits of complementary schemes such as the retirement savings plan. The PER, in all its forms, is an opportunity for young people to put money aside, to grow their savings, and to ensure a more comfortable retirement over the longer term while giving meaning to their savings."