To better support its policyholders in an environment of inflationary pressure and rising interest rates, CNP Assurances, a responsible and committed insurer, is increasing the 2022 rates of return on euro funds for its entire range of life insurance policies1 compared with 2021.

The average rate paid by CNP Assurances is being increased by 0.66% to 1.57%. Policyholders thus benefit from :
- the performance of CNP Assurances’ total assets, the result of its diversification strategy, its long-term management policy and its financial instruments that allow it to cope with rising interest rates,
- the use of part of the deferred participation reserve, a regulatory reserve that allows us to defer the distribution of part of the profits to better adapt to the economic environment.

Furthermore, CNP Assurances is convinced that unit-linked investments provide long-term performance, and offers a participation bonus on the euro funds of certain policies. This annual bonus is set according to the proportion of savings invested in unit-linked funds. All of these measures enabled CNP Assurances to offer attractive rates of return this year: some policies with a unit-linked share of over 50% provided a rate of more than 2.80% net of management fees.
The bonus scheme will be renewed in 2023. In addition, CNP Assurances offers sales campaigns with additional rates of return offered for new payments.

More details in the attached pdf document. 

Stéphane Dedeyan, Chief Executive Officer of CNP Assurances

“In the current environment marked by surging inflation and rising interest rates, and as a responsible insurer guided by its corporate mission, CNP Assurances supports its policyholders and their purchasing power. We have therefore decided to increase the rates of return of our euro funds, allowing our policyholders to benefit from the efficiency of our long-term financial management and by using part of our deferred participation reserve”

1 Mainly distributed by La Banque Postale, The Amétis employee network and the BPCE Group.