Carrefour, through its specialised subsidiaries Carrefour Banque & Assurance and Lybernet, today launched four insurance packages, supported by CNP Assurances, to help its customers cope with their unavoidable expenditure in the event of a sudden loss of purchasing power. 

With the prices of food and basic necessities on the rise, more and more French people are finding it difficult to pay their bills, particularly in the event of unforeseen events resulting in a loss or decrease in their income, such as illness, hospitalisation, the loss of employment, or the loss of autonomy.

The “Garantie Pouvoir d’Achat” purchasing power guarantee is available in four options:

- Two “Courses Protect’” packages (€2.90 or €3.90 a month) to continue shopping with a voucher valid in Carrefour stores ranging from €75 to €150 a month (in the event of a professional incapacity or the loss of employment) and compensation of €500 for a serious disability or the loss of autonomy;  

- Two “Budget Protect’” packages (€5.90 or €8.90 per month) offering higher compensation, ranging from €300 to €500 per month for an incapacity or the loss of employment, and compensation of €1,000 in the event of a serious disability or the loss of autonomy to pay for shopping and expenses in the event of difficulties affecting household income.

The guarantee targets students, private- or public-sector workers, the self-employed, and pensioners, with a subscription age from 18 to 80. 

Carrefour is also including an “inflation booster” adjusting the amount of vouchers and compensation upwards up to a limit of 10% if inflation increases between the year of subscription and the year in which the difficulty arises.

The solidity and reputation of CNP Assurances

By selecting CNP Assurances, the Carrefour Group has chosen a solid financial partner capable of meeting the needs of policyholders over the long term. As a member of the major public financial centre, CNP Assurances is proud to support the “Garantie Pouvoir d’Achat”.

The partnership with Carrefour on the purchasing power guarantee is consistent with one of the objectives of CNP Assurances’ corporate mission: to build broadly affordable protection solutions with its partners.