This press release was prepared by CNP Assurances and made available in accordance with the provisions of article 231-26 II of the AMF’s general regulation (the « AMF’s general regulation ») on April 7, 2022 (the « Press Release »).

The draft offer and the draft response document remain subject to review by the Autorité des marchés financiers ( the « AMF »).

This draft response document (the « Draft Response Document ») is available on the websites of CNP Assurances ( and of the AMF ( and is provided to the public free of charge at the registered office of CNP Assurances, 4, place Raoul Dautry, 75015 Paris.

In accordance with article 231-28 of the AMF’s general regulation, the information relating to the legal, financial and accounting relating to CNP Assurances will be filed with the AMF and will be provided to the public, under the same conditions, no later than the day before the offer opens. 

A press release will be published, no later than the day before the offer opens, to inform the public about how this document may be obtained.