Since 1 June 2022, CNP Assurances has, via its Amétis sales network, marketed two new Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) products with a view to better diversifying savings. A part of the fees from the products is dedicated to preventing the risk of over-indebtedness and donated to Association pour la Fondation Crésus. 

The marketing of these new offers since June 2022 by Amétis is disruptive and inclusive. A part of the marketing fees is donated as part of CNP Assurances’ sponsorship programme in support of the DILEMME project ( developed by Association pour la Fondation Crésus, an innovative budgetary and financial education programme which aims to change the relationship with money, training responsible citizens as well as consumers with the tools and knowledge needed to gain autonomy. 

CNP Assurances support also takes the form of the participation of Amétis network employees, who will be involved in this public-interest project regionally.  On a voluntary basis, Amétis employees will co-lead workshops with Association pour la Fondation Crésus to raise the awareness of vulnerable individuals on the worlds of finance and insurance. By donating a part of the fees from the marketing of these EMTNs, Amétis will be able to finance the organisation of 15 such workshops.

With prices rising in an inflationary environment, CNP Assurances is innovating alongside the long-standing player Association pour la Fondation Crésus and its network of 30 organisations with public-interest status. The goal is to strengthen the prevention of the risk of over-indebtedness and roll out concrete initiatives, such as dialogue on practices, technical support, and training for volunteers and employees.
Through the project, in line with its corporate mission, the Group is working towards an inclusive society and facilitating all life journeys.

Stéphane Dedeyan, Chief Executive Officer of CNP Assurances
 “By launching this savings diversification product via its Amétis network, CNP Assurances is innovating to the benefit of financial and budget education alongside its partner, Association pour la Fondation Crésus. Devising solutions to protect people and what matters to them is central to our daily purpose. I would like to thank the employees of Amétis for their commitment to this project.”