CNP Assurances will be providing €100,000 in funding for the PAREE project (Support Programme for Foreign Women with Children) led by France Terre d’Asile and scheduled for full deployment in 2022.

The project proposes implementing a six-month social and professional integration programme aimed at migrant women, covering areas like training and employment, access to civil and social rights, healthcare (with a focus on gynaecology and mental health) and well-being (access to personal hygiene development tools), parenthood, and building social connections and an eco-citizen mindset.

Committed to fostering an inclusive, sustainable society where everyone can find their place, CNP Assurances is providing financial support for the PAREE project. The programme is an opportunity not only for women to get access to a range of diverse, innovative and complementary services but also for teams of professionals to be able to exchange ideas and work in synergy towards a common goal: offering migrant women the breathing space they need to shape their plans for the future and take steps towards their independence.

Delphine Rouilleault, Chief Executive Officer of France Terre d’Asile, states : “I am thrilled that the PAREE project has the support of CNP Assurances. Fully deployed as of 2022, it will give 300 migrant women with children the ability to integrate themselves into society as best they can, from both a social and a professional perspective.”

Agathe Sanson, Head of Communication, Strategic Marketing and Sponsorship at CNP Assurances, says : “This support is a great example of CNP Assurances’ societal commitment to equal opportunities. Taking part, via the PAREE project, in supporting migrant women who have been through traumatic events also reflects our purpose perfectly, which is to build a more inclusive society.”