In accordance with the provisions of the partners’ agreement signed on 6 February 2012, Swiss Life France will sell to CNP Assurances its 34% stake in Assuristance, the holding company of Filassistance International, the assistance and legal protection company of the CNP Assurances/La Banque Postale Group. 

Subject to obtaining the required regulatory approvals, CNP Assurances, which already held 66% of Assuristance's share capital, will become the sole partner by autumn 2022. 
The sale is accompanied by a commitment to continue the partnership between Swiss Life France and Filassistance International. 
A multi-specialist player in personal assistance and property, Filassistance International welcomes this transaction, which enables it to:
•    become a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNP Assurances, within the major public finance division formed with Caisse des Dépôts, La Poste and La Banque Postale, and thus contribute to the ambitious development project of CNP Assurances;

•    continue its commercial relationship with Swiss Life France by continuing to support its policyholders;

•    continue to develop its activities within the CNP Assurances Group and with all its customers in a local partnership relationship

 Stéphane Dedeyan, Chief Executive Officer of CNP Assurances

“I would like to begin by thanking our partner Swiss Life France, with which we have worked closely over many years, and which has committed to continuing its partnership with Filassistance. We are pleased to become the sole shareholder of Filassistance. Assistance is essential to our corporate mission and the implementation of our strategy to provide solutions to the greatest number that protect and facilitate all life journeys. This transaction is fully in line with the multi-partner development ambition of CNP Assurances.”