The TOP PER 2021 jury awarded the TOP de Bronze to Préfon for its Préfon-Retraite contract in the "Best SRI contract” category

Each year, rewards the best individual PER or PERin offered in France with awards: the TOP PER. The Préfon-Retraite contract, taken out by the Préfon association alongside CNP Assurances, was this year awarded the PER TOP Bronze 2021 in the "Best SRI contract" category.

Over the last few years, socially responsible investment (SRI) has made it possible to reconcile financial performance and sustainable development by taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) financial and non-financial criteria. As such, it contributes to the development of a more sustainable and responsible economy.

Already committed to a SRI approach since 2007, Préfon states that: "This approach to the selection, controlled and sustainable management of investments in the Préfon-Retraite scheme supplements the security of the scheme in addition to its insurance and prudential mechanisms and further affirms its social responsibility."

Co-constructed with CNP Assurances and the reinsurers of the Préfon-Retraite scheme, this approach contributes to the management of €17 billion in outstandings at market value and concerns the 40,000 members of the scheme.

Since 2011, the Préfon association adopted a Responsible Investment Commitment Charter. It is also a member of the Forum for Responsible Investment (FIR) and contributes to this movement.

Obtaining this award for the Préfon-Retraite contract therefore recognises the extensive work, reflecting Préfon's commitment to its customers.

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Philippe Sebag, Chairman of Préfon,says: "This award supports us in the demanding dialogue process conducted with CNP Assurances and other scheme asset managers on SRI issues, which we intend to pursue to continuously improve the non-financial quality of investments, in line with our values and those of the public service agents we represent.

Thomas Chardonnel, Director of the BPCE Joint Venture business unit and Retirement and European loan-protection insurance business activities, says: “CNP Assurances continues to strengthen its responsible investor approach to take into account the impact of its investments on society and the environment. It develops innovative insurance solutions for its customers and partners. We are pleased that Préfon, our long-standing partner, is therefore rewarded for its SRI approach. ”