CNP Assurances sponsorship is providing support for the production of a documentary which aims to combat stereotypes and change society’s view of people suffering from mental illness. The documentary, entitled “Soyons Fous”, will follow around 15 people, the majority of whom live with mental illness and none of whom have any previous film-making experience, as they go about producing a western with help from professional film-makers.

As a responsible insurer whose purpose includes promoting an inclusive society, CNP Assurances will contribute €60,000 over two years to finance “Soyons Fous”. This powerful documentary will immerse the viewer in an unprecedented human experience, by following every stage in the creation of a western by a team of women and men of all ages, the majority of whom live with mental illness. Some big names in cinema (Emmanuelle Bercot, Corinne Masiero, Hubert Charuel, etc.) will first pass on their knowledge and experience through practical workshops.

In France, mental health problems affect nearly 12 million people and 70% of people with mental health problems feel discriminated against. The documentary “Soyons Fous” aims to change society’s view of mental illness, which represents a disability that is unrecognised and invisible in professional as well as private life. It will have a long-lasting impact, as those involved will not only be trained in film-making techniques and paid, but also receive help making the most of their skills. “Soyons Fous” will be shown in cinemas and on television and be promoted in numerous social media posts.

This project was made possible thanks to support from the Entreprendre endowment fund which works to help people who are “different”, to support them and reintegrate them into life, particularly by using art to improve mental health.

As a responsible insurer and in accordance with our purpose, we are delighted to support production of the documentary Soyons Fous, an innovative project which not only aims to change society’s view of mental illness, but also to offer career opportunities in cinema professions to project participants”, says Agathe Sanson, Director of Strategic Marketing, Communication and Sponsorship at CNP Assurances.