We are currently experiencing exceptional circumstances that profoundly affect our lives and the overall functioning of the economy. Under these unusual conditions, a crisis operating system has been put in place at all levels of CNP Assurances. All employees are teleworking ensuring complete continuity of service.

The financial strength of CNP Assurances is the result of a very prudent risk management policy in line with the company's long-term strategy: this has resulted in significant unrealized capital gains, supplemented by hedges related to equity, exchange rates and interest rate risks. Market levels over the past period have also allowed to increase significantly the liquidity position.

Insurance risk management has led to the creation of a savings and retirement portfolio with guaranteed minimum rates close to 0, with balanced bonus rates that have enabled the accrual of a policyholder surplus reserves of more than 6% of technical reserves. Partenarial risk-sharing clauses and a reinsurance treaty covering the pandemic complement these arrangements.

In current market circumstances, the group solvency ratio of CNP Assurances remains at a high level. CNP Assurances confirms its proposal for a dividend of 0.94 euros per share at the General Assembly on 17 April 2020, which will be paid on 27 April 2020.