This press release is published together with la FAGE.

Thanks to Fondation CNP Assurances, students in the healthcare sector, who have rallied during the public health crisis, will be able to benefit from the “A bus for a campus” initiative and take advantage of a week of recuperation The operation “A bus for a campus”, carried along by UCPA and student organizations of which FAGE (Fédération des Associations Générales Etudiantes - Federation of general student associations) is supported by CNOUS (Centre National des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) and ANCV (Agence Nationale des Chèques-Vacances).

For this special edition towards students in the healthcare sector, Fondation CNP Assurances, a FAGE partner since 2016, is extending its support to vulnerable students by supporting the “A bus for a campus” operation with a donation of €30K.

The beneficiaries of this scheme are mainly student caregivers of various specialities (medicine, nursing care, pharmacy, dentistry, maieutics, physiotherapy etc.) who have mobilised since the start of the COVID-19 public health crisis. Some have gone to hospitals and care units to help healthcare professionals combat the virus, while others have looked after their children.

Fondation CNP Assurances’ support will enable these students to unwind during a week-long “sport, health, well-being” stay in UCPA centres. Buses departing from the two regions of Grand Est and Île-de-France will be chartered to take the students to their holiday destination.    

While many young people finance their studies by making great sacrifices, some have been forced to abandon a job or an internship in order to take action during the public health crisis. Following this challenging period, it would be beneficial to give them an opportunity to rest a little”, said FAGE president Orlane François.

Thanks to the “A bus for a campus” operation and in partnership with FAGE, alongside which we have worked since 2016 to help the most vulnerable students, we can express our appreciation to future healthcare professionals and highlight the exceptional commitment they have shown throughout this pandemic period”, said Agathe Sanson, director of Strategic Marketing, Communication and Sponsorship at CNP Assurances, and Vice-Chair of Fondation CNP Assurances.