CNP Assurances is acting against the COVID-19 epidemic by sponsoring “Barometer COVID-19”. The aim of this weekly survey is to give all players access to strategic data to fight more effectively against the virus and prepare for the lifting of the lockdown.  

Resulting from a joint effort between DataCovid, an association advised by an expert committee and supported by a think tank, the survey institute IPSOS, and partner companies like CNP Assurances, the first “Baromètre COVID-19” survey intends to collect strategic data on French people’s behaviour and its impact on the spreading of the epidemic during the phases of battle against COVID-19.

The implementation of the survey can contribute to existing data and rapidly address the problem of insufficient information at the disposal of epidemic management structures.

The collected information is available as free Open Data to help the scientific community, public authorities, companies and all citizens to fight the epidemic and prepare for the period after lockdown.

The survey is carried out weekly among 5,000 French citizens over the age of 18. Data are gathered on the population’s behaviour and its impact on the dynamics of the epidemic. Besides recurring questions on symptoms experienced by people who have contracted the COVID-19 disease, and the application of lockdown rules and protective measures…, each survey wave also throws specific light on a certain aspect of this unprecedented health crisis. The first wave ran from 7 to 14 April, and the results were published today by IPSOS.

As with all public data, the processing of the information will be sped up and amplified by a participative science mechanism