At the prize-giving ceremony for the 19th Trophées de l’Assurance 2020 event held on 1 October 2020, CNP Assurances received the bronze award for Innovation for its #HorsDesCases (Outside the Box) advertising campaign.  The film’s director, Leigh Powis, had already scooped the “silver screen” at the prestigious Young Director Awards 2020.

The jury for the Trophées de l’Assurances 2020 picked CNP Assurances for its #HorsdesCases communication campaign, awarding it the Bronze Award for Innovation in the communication category.

Designed with the agency The Good Company, this TV, digital and press campaign highlights CNP Assurances’ new signature “Assurons un monde plus ouvert” (Insuring a more open world) and expresses its capacity to protect people and everything that matters to them over the long-term. Backed by a re-orchestrated version of Shostakovitch’s famous Waltz no.2, this new episode in the saga illustrates the diversity of present-day journeys and lifestyles, which no longer necessarily fit into boxes.


The advertising campaign highlights CNP Assurances’ commitment to having a mindset resolutely open to others and to the world, to help build a more inclusive society and a more sustainable environment.

After a first airing in March 2020, CNP Assurances relaunched its advertising campaign on television from 17 August to 6 September 2020 to open up to the wider world, then online from 31 August to 11 October 2020, and in the press from the end of August to mid-November 2020.