At the 4th Assises of Bank and Citizen Insurance (Assises de la Banque et de l’Assurance Citoyennes) organised today by La Banque Postale, Antoine Lissowski, the Chief Executive Officer of CNP Assurances, announced the signature of the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI).

Launched in 2012 by the UNEP-Fi, the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) are intended to provide a framework for insurers to help them incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) within all of their activities. 

Accordingly CNP Assurances agrees to incorporate these ESG criteria when taking decisions, to raise awareness among its clients and its different partners concerning their deployment, and to cooperate with the public authorities, with the regulatory authorities and with all stakeholders to promote these criteria in society as a whole. CNP Assurances will report back on the application of the PSI each year in its CSR report. 

This new commitment is part of CNP Assurances’ ongoing societal and environmental responsibility initiative, the purpose of which is to protect people and everything which matters to them over the long term:

  • In 2003, CNP Assurances joined the United Nations Global Compact and committed itself to abiding by the principles of the Universal declaration of human rights and the International Labour Organisation;
  • In 2011, CNP Assurances signed the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI);
  • In 2019, CNP Assurances became a member of the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, and consequently committed to making its investment portfolio carbon-neutral by 2050;
  • In 2020, CNP Assurances announced that it was cutting its ties with tobacco by joining the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge;
  • In 2020 CNP Assurances adopted a definitive plan to exit thermal coal by 2030 in European Union and OECD countries and by 2040 in the rest of the world.

"By adopting the PSI, we are pursuing our commitment to being a responsible insurer and investor by signing up to their roadmap. At a time when our societies are facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges, we are proud to be contributing to the development of innovative insurance solutions over the years to come, for the benefit of our clients and partners" explained Antoine Lissowski, Chief Executive Officer of CNP Assurances.