Closure of university restaurants, student jobs terminated... confinement is really tough on the most deprived young people. 

Since 2016, CNP Assurances has been working alongside the FAGE (Federation of General Student Associations) through its Foundation and is now stepping up its support with a donation of 100,000 euros in response to the Covid-19 emergency. 

Photo étudiant dans une épicerie

The health crisis amplifies the social crisis suffered by a large number of students with 1 in 5 living below the poverty threshold and 65% who say they regularly skip a meal as they cannot afford it.

This contribution of 100,000 euros should help to:

  • Increase supplies of essential products in subsidised grocery stores for students
  • Purchase Covid-19 protective equipment for volunteers so they can follow the protective measures
  • Ensure the continuation of studies
  • Fund systems for remote consultations with psychologists to support isolated students.

"Since the start of this health crisis, we have seen a real surge of solidarity," explains Orlane François, president of the FAGE. "Thousands of young people are behind altruistic initiatives to help the most vulnerable, enabling them to eat, to cope, to not feel alone. This exceptional support from CNP Assurances adds even more strength to this collective movement".

Thousands of young people are behind altruistic initiatives to help the most vulnerable

Orlane François, president of the FAGE

Continuation of field actions for a lasting impact

As a partner of the FAGE since 2016 through our Foundation, we have contributed financially to the opening of AGORAé subsidised grocery stores across the whole country. There are currently 21 of these grocery stores that allow students in hardship to access food and essential products at low cost, and also provide psychological support for those who feel isolated.

The plan is long-term so CNP Assurances' action in line with its social commitment is set to continue: our objective is to increase the number of AGORAé stores to 28 by 2021 and therefore support nearly 3,500 students in hardship.