To be as close as possible to its customers, CNP Assurances seeks to co-build solutions with them in line with their expectations. This is the principle of the new CNP Assurances system: Inside Customer Experience.

How does it work?

CNP Assurances invites customers (policyholders, policy beneficiaries or those applying to take out insurance) to its premises for workshops. This is a concrete means of exchange that enables the company to understand the paths followed by policyholders since first contact with CNP Assurances until the completion of their application. 

The first workshops focused on the paths of life insurance policy beneficiaries upon the death of a policyholder. By working directly together, they were able to identify areas for improvement.
During these workshops, customers talked about their recent experience with CNP Assurances, and highlighted the positive and negative points throughout their paths. Based on this, customers and employees co-built areas for improvement. 

And then?

he next workshops are due to focus on pension policies, with new customer and employee profiles in order to boost discussion. CNP Assurances partners will also be involved. 

Numerous policyholders who attended the workshops wished to contribute again to CNP Assurances’ considerations. They will be involved in forthcoming workshops, in order to follow the initiatives that they themselves helped launch.