On Thursday 24 May, the second “Tous les Jeunes ont du Cœur” campaign was held beneath the glass roof of the Grand Palais (Paris 8th). The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness among children of life-saving actions in the event of a heart attack, as well as use of a defibrillator.

Five thousand energetic 10 to 12-year-olds took part in the training, in an incredible atmosphere in which volunteers, trainers, officials and children enjoyed a fantastic opportunity for interacting and socialising.


The "Tous les Jeunes ont du Cœur" campaign is an event on a unique scale and is part of the wider range of socially-responsible initiatives called "Paris qui Sauve". Last year, 4,800 pupils were trained in the Grande Halle in La Villette as part of the initiative.

The Fondation CNP Assurances, which has been working since 2009 on improving responses to cardiac arrest and since 2015 on combating social inequality in healthcare, decided to support this project by subsidising 6000 cardboard dummies allowing children to practice cardiac massage. The children were therefore placed in a real life-saving situation.

They were trained by 320 volunteers (including several CNP Assurances employees), first-aiders from the charity Protection Civile Paris-Seine, the French Red Cross, officials from the French Education Department, the Public Hospitals of Paris Organisation, the Paris Fire Brigade and the City of Paris.

Each child went away with their own “Bob”, their personal training dummy. This allows them to share their experience with their families. “Being trained so as not to be afraid to act – that is the priority promoted by the Foundation through this event,” said Agathe Sanson, strategic marketing, communications and sponsorship director at CNP Assurances and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fondation CNP Assurances.

Crédits :
- ©AldoSperber pour les photos
- Born TV pour la vidéo