Participation at the CNP Assurances annual general meeting

Record date

The record date for the Annual General Meeting is Thuesday, 3 May 2011.

Voting rights are exercisable on shares that are recorded (i) in a share account in the holder’s name or in the name of the bank or broker registered as acting on their behalf, by the record date (in practice, before midnight on Monday, 2 May) or (ii) in the registered share account kept by the Company’s registrar, CACEIS Corporate Trust, or (iii) in a bearer share account held by the accredited bank or broker. Ownership of bearer shares is evidenced by a certificate (attestation de participation or attestation d’inscription en compte) issued by the accredited bank or broker and sent to the shareholder with the proxy documents.

Notice of meeting and voting forms

The notice of meeting, together with the postal voting form/proxy form/request for an admission card, will be sent to all holders of registered shares. Holders of bearer shares should obtain these documents from their bank or broker.

Postal votes

Postal votes must be received by the Company or by CACEIS Corporate Trust, Service Assemblées, 14 rue Rouget de Lisle, 92862 Issy les Moulineaux, Cedex 9, France by 3 May.

Cancellation of postal votes and proxies

Shareholders who have voted by post or given proxy may nevertheless participate in the General Meeting provided that it is technically possible to cancel their postal vote or the proxy

On-line voting

To obtain the username and password required to vote on line:

Holders of registered shares will be sent a username and password by CACEIS Corporate Trust together with the proxy documents.
Holders of bearer shares should return to their bank or broker, before 26 April, the document entitled “Demande d’attestation de participation réservée uniquement aux actionnaires au porteur souhaitant exprimer leur mode de participation à l’AG via l’Internet”, for onward transmission to CACEIS Corporate Trust, which will send back the username and password.

Download the resolutions presentation

Written Questions


Written questions to the President of the Executive Board should be sent to the Company by registered mail, or by e-mail to for receipt by 2 May. Evidence of ownership of CNP shares must be provided with the question.

Shareholders wishing to table resolutions at the Annual General Meeting should notify the Company by registered mail within ten days of the notice of meeting being published. They should include with their letter a certificate evidencing their ownership of CNP shares.