Green PRAXIS, a start-up that supports operators and infrastructure owners in the multidimensional management of natural assets thanks in particular to AI, has announced a seed fundraising with Open CNP, the CNP Assurances Corporate Venture fund, AFI Ventures, the Ventech early-stage impact fund, and historical investors. This fundraising will enable the Marseille-based company to take on a new dimension in France and Europe. 

Faced with the many current climate challenges, operators and owners of infrastructure and forests must find a better balance between ecology and economy in their design and operation. Nature – coupled with technology and AI – offers many solutions to address these challenges. 

Green PRAXIS offers a service combining expertise and a platform for modelling large-scale nature-based solutions (NbS). The company optimizes the management of natural assets and human infrastructure based on four key dimensions: risk management, cost optimization, biodiversity and carbon footprint. Coupled with the expertise of a team of scientists, it gives decision-makers the means to develop scenarios and adopt optimised strategies. 

Fundraising to roll out Green PRAXIS in France and Europe

Cette levée permettra à l’équipe de couvrir un plus grand nombre de cas d’usage et d’accélérer le déploiement de la plateforme en France et en Europe.

For Martin Guillaume, Chairman of Green PRAXIS: "Climate and ecological change is unprecedented in the history of humanity. Environmental engineering combined with data science, modelling and AI is a valuable complement to expert judgement. With our platform, major land operators can better manage their risks and reduce their costs while limiting their impact on biodiversity." 

For Alexandra Pailhes, CEO of Open CNP, the CNP Assurances Corporate Venture fund: "A responsible investor, infrastructure holder and leading private owner of forests in France, CNP Assurances is proud to support the development of Green PRAXIS in France and Europe via Open CNP, its Corporate Venture fund. The solutions offered by this French start-up are innovative – with an original method for measuring biodiversity by acoustic analysis – and fully in line with our raison d’être for a sustainable society."  

For Charles Fourault, Partner at AFI Ventures: "The nature-based approach, coupled with technology and AI, won us over at AFI Ventures. Green Praxis defines a new way of thinking about land management and puts an end to the dogma of all things mechanical and chemical. They are in the process of convincing the major infrastructure operator groups and this is very interesting for the future of our natural spaces and our biodiversity.

Green PRAXIS will be present at the Change NOW trade show at the "RISING STAR" stand in Paris from 25 to 27 March 2024.