The insurer of the Préfon Retraite scheme, CNP Retraite, a 100% subsidiary of CNP Assurances, strengthened its position in the scheme’s insurance since 1 January 2024. Up to now, this contract was reinsured in quota share by four players: CNP Assurances, Axa, Groupama Gan Vie and Allianz. 

CNP Retraite and Groupama Gan Vie entered into an agreement to switch the share reinsured by Groupama Gan Vie, following which CNP Retraite retains a share of 58% (compared to 37% previously). The shares reinsured by Axa and Allianz remain unchanged. 

This change in equity interest had an impact of around -2 points on CNP Assurances’ coverage ratio.

This change in the reinsurance of Préfon Retraite strengthens the scheme’s prospects while maintaining the guarantees of the supplementary pension policies of its 400,000 members, including 150,000 retirees.

CNP Assurances, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale and a member of the major Public Financial division, has been a leading player in personal protection for more than 170 years. This operation is part of its strategy to strengthen its multi-partner model and develop solutions that respond to the concerns of the population (social protection, preparation for retirement, etc.) in line with its corporate mission.