On 23 October 2023, CNP Assurances and four employee representative organisations1 signed a third Quality of Life at Work (QLW) agreement covering the 2024-2026 period. With the new agreement, CNP Assurances is pursuing and stepping up the policy already in place to ensure an increasingly motivating, welcoming and attractive professional environment in line with its values of inclusion, respect for working hours, and social responsibility.

The new QLW agreement will take effect for a period of three years starting on 1 January 2024 (with the exception of the new telecommuting scheme, effective from 1 March 2024, pending which the current telecommuting arrangements will apply). The signatory parties have grouped all these objectives into two strong and structuring focuses, established in line with the corporate mission of CNP Assurances but also in view of its development objectives, the success of which hinges on the support and commitment of all employees. 

To develop the commitment of our employees in an environment that promotes individual and collective well-being:
  • The new agreement revises telecommuting to introduce more flexibility with the aim of adapting to business-line specificities and improving the work-life balance

Introduced in an experimental format in 2017, and confirmed by successive agreements in 2018 and 2020, telecommuting has gradually become part of the daily organisation of work. Currently, 91% of the CNP Assurances workforce is part of a regular telecommuting scheme and the majority of telecommuters have opted to work from home three days a week, i.e. the maximum number of days per week offered by the company. Telecommuting is thus a mature topic for the working community. For the entire company, telecommuting has gained greater relevance since the head office of CNP Assurances moved to its new premises, favouring the flex office in Issy-Cœur-de-Ville (92) and offering employees the choice of open workspaces in a redesigned environment focused on remote communication technologies. 

The new agreement introduces greater flexibility in the organisation of telecommuting by offering employees four options2. By choosing from these options, and in agreement with their manager, employees can adjust their office and telecommuting days on a weekly or monthly basis.

At the same time, the new agreement further protects the right to disconnect through measurement tools and warning systems, fosters collaborative work and harmonious relations, and encourages collective expression. As part of the new agreement, managers have been provided with enhanced support along with resources and training, including an “Open Management” system, to implement new participatory and collaborative management methods and encourage employee autonomy and empowerment. 

Lastly, the new agreement provides for fresh initiatives to improve health and working conditions by strengthening primary prevention actions and a culture of prevention and well-being across the company, in particular to fight against the sedentary lifestyle, visual fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders. 

To help create a more inclusive and sustainable company in which each individual has a place:
  • The new agreement aims to maintain professional gender equality by guaranteeing equal pay and professional development, access to professional training and diversity. In 2021, CNP Assurances strengthened its long-term commitment by joining the #StOpE initiative (Stop Ordinary Sexism in Companies) to step up the combat against any sexist and discriminatory behaviour based on gender. The Group’s maturity in this area is also confirmed by its Gender Equality Index scores, with 99/100 in 2022. The new agreement fully contributes to this objective through the inclusion of specific measures to support parenthood and prevent discrimination, harassment, sexist behaviour and violence.
  • CNP Assurances also intends to pursue its inclusive policy in favour of employees with disabilities by facilitating their professional integration and helping them to stay in employment. CNP Assurances has promoted the employability of people with disabilities since 1995. This commitment has been reflected for many years in an employment rate that exceeds the legal rate (8.92% in 2022). CNP Assurances is seeking to pursue this momentum and, for the period covered by the agreement, has committed to recruit at least:
    • 14 employees with disabilities on fixed-term contracts, including work-study contracts (for a minimum period of six months)
    • 9 employees with disabilities on permanent contracts. 
    • Increase the use of temporary employment for people with disabilities by an average of 800 days a year. 
    • Facilitate the professional integration of young people with disabilities by taking on around ten interns a year. 
  • The agreement also provides for the support and collaboration of all generations through awareness-raising initiatives, training and specific measures, including end-of-career support schemes. The text of the agreement also pays particular attention to the fight against discrimination linked to sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace. To that end, CNP Assurances has undertaken to sign the “Other Circle” LGBT+ Engagement Charter to create an inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees, ensure equal rights and treatment among all employees regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, support employees who are victims of discriminatory comments or acts, and measure progress and share best practices to develop the overall professional environment. 

Lastly, the third QLW agreement provides for useful and inclusive solutions that protect and facilitate all life courses by improving the work-life balance and supporting employees who are parents, caregivers or in socially vulnerable situations (increase in the ceiling for time savings accounts and CESU payment methods for personal services, increase in the grant for donations of working days, etc.). The agreement also aims to rally the Group’s employees around our social and environmental responsibility (ecological transition, social impact and commitment, etc.)

Bérengère Grandjean, Human Resources Director, CNP Assurances : « The third Quality of Life at Work agreement builds on the two previous agreements to make further progress on the empowerment and autonomy of CNP Assurances employees, in particular by introducing more flexible telecommuting rules. The aim with the agreement is to create an increasingly motivating, caring and attractive professional environment in line with the values of inclusion, respect for working hours, and social responsibility, and the development objectives of CNP Assurances. »

2: Regardless of the telecommuting option chosen, the employee must spend a minimum of 40% time on site.