CNP Assurances renews its support for the French Federation of Food Banks (FFBA), providing €80,000 for food collection operations and transporting this food on France's national territory.

79 Food Banks collect, check, sort and store 112,500 tonnes of food from supermarkets, farmers and the agri-food industry for distribution via partner associations and Community Social Support Centres (CCAS). This food is then redistributed throughout the year to people in vulnerable situations.

Committed to a more inclusive society and a sustainable environment, CNP Assurances' Sponsorship department has renewed its support for the FFBA's operations, notably the purchase and transport of food on national territory, thereby promoting fair distribution of this food. 

Since the start of the pandemic, the network of Food Banks has had to replenish its stocks to contend with the social emergency by purchasing food. Going beyond its associative project of "sourcing and collecting products without buying", the network has adapted to ensure effective redistribution of food aid during the pandemic. 

The cost of road and sea transport is an obstacle to sending food to Food Banks located far from supply sources, which is why a shared transport fund has been set up at a national level. Supported by CNP Assurances' Sponsorship department, this fund enables all individuals experiencing food insecurity and served by the network's partner associations – totalling over 6,000 associations (including Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion) – to receive food of the same nutritional quality and the same volume throughout France's national territory.

Claude Baland, President of the Food Banks network, says : "I am delighted with CNP Assurances' renewed support this year for our collection operations and the transport of food in France. During this pandemic and social crisis, this is a major contribution to combating food insecurity and exclusion."

Agathe Sanson, Director of Communication and Sponsorship at CNP Assurances, says :  "In these difficult times, CNP Assurances is renewing its 2020 commitment to the food banks for the most vulnerable. This demonstrates the group's desire to contribute to a more inclusive society where everyone can find their place.”