Meridiam, GIP and Caisse des Dépôts, in partnership with CNP Assurances, announce the signature of an agreement in principle with Suez and Veolia to establish the long-term shareholding structure of the new Suez, supplementing the agreement entered into by Suez and Veolia on 11 April 2021.

Meridiam, GIP and the CDC Group confirm their association in a partnership composed of a 40% holding by Meridiam, 40% by GIP and 20% by the CDC Group. Complementary, balanced, long-term and with a French majority, the new shareholding structure of Suez is also intended to be accessible by employees, with a target of 10% within the next 7 years.

Meridiam, GIP and the CDC Group have also finalised the terms for stable and effective governance at the new Suez, in full compliance with the agreement signed on 11 April by Veolia and Suez.

Meridiam, GIP and the CDC Group share the conviction that, through the quality of its management and the commitment of its employees around the world, the new Suez will enjoy significant growth opportunities in the fields of environment, ecological transition and regional development.

Implementation of the agreement is subject to completion of the discussions with the Suez and Veolia groups, in dialogue with all stakeholders and in compliance with the interests of wider society, and ultimately subject to approval from all the governance bodies of the entities concerned.