On 1 September, Régis Vergez took over the Group Accounting Department within the Finance Division.

From 2015, Régis Vergez was the director of Property & Casualty Insurance and Holding Accounts at Allianz Group in France, and of the Property & Casualty Co-insurance Back Office. He was also responsible for specific projects, in particular managing the IFRS 17 Project for Life and Property & Casualty Insurance for Allianz France.

After working for eight years in advisory in the bank and insurance sector as senior manager at Ernst & Young, he joined the Allianz Group in 2009 to head the transformation programme for the finance department, before being appointed director of investment accounting for the euro and unit of account middle office.

Régis Vergez is a graduate of the École Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Informatique et Génie des Télécommunications, and holds a diploma in accounting and finance from CNAM.