At its meeting today, the Board of Directors examined the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on CNP Assurances’ business and outlook. 

The directors began by paying tribute to the Group’s employees, all of whom are currently working from home. Thanks to their efforts, the Group’s activities have continued without interruption, representing a factor of confidence in the organisation’s ability to meet the current challenges. 

In light of the many uncertainties concerning the final magnitude and duration of the crisis and its potential negative impact on the business, the Board of Directors has decided to withdraw the 2020 earnings objective announced on 20 February, which the Group will be unable to meet.   

Based on the figures submitted to it so far, the Board of Directors confirms that the crisis is not expected to have a material impact on CNP Assurances’ financial strength for the reasons explained by Executive Management on 18 March. 

Further information will be provided about the evolution of the Group’s situation in the press release relating to the results indicators for the first quarter due to be published on 15 May 2020.