The agreement signed on 1 January 2018 between CNP Assurances and the Ministries of National Education and Youth, Higher Education of Research and Innovation, Culture and Sports offers their current and retired agents and their families the benefit of Anticipa for their top-up healthcare and personal risk insurance. The flexible and bespoke solutions are available via the website:

Anticipa offers a fast and innovative online membership process, including an electronic signature, with a quote in three minutes and a policy issued within fifteen minutes. A chatbot answers questions before and after registration.

Agents have a dedicated team that can be contacted by telephone or email from Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm.

With three healthcare and personal risk options to choose from, Anticipa constantly adapts to the specific needs of public service agents and allows them to protect themselves against risks they may face throughout their lives (illness, incapacity to work, disability, etc).

- In healthcare insurance, Anticipa encourages prevention, facilitates access to treatment, optimises their expenses and minimises the balance payable by the policyholder. A balance simulator allows you to calculate the amount of reimbursements based on the various options in just a few clicks. The member area offers a range of features to facilitate tracking, including access to the policy and reimbursements, support requests, downloading of documents, access to services, etc. The solution's flexibility allows agents to tailor their level of cover according to their changing needs throughout their life.

- The three personal risk insurance options cover all types of time off work and take into account total income, i.e. basic salary and bonuses.

The Anticipa range of insurance solutions also stands out for the diversity of services it offers. It provides access to the Lyfe digital platform from CNP Assurances, which offers a wide range of digital services and innovative content with high added-value in the fields of healthcare, personal risk, well-being and ageing well.

Specially developed for the agents of four major ministries and their families, Anticipa supports them throughout their lives with a scalable and modular healthcare and personal risk solution. Now entirely online, it is accompanied by a wide range of high added-value services to take care of yourself and age in good health”, says Frédérique Pénager, head of the Anticipa partnership at CNP Assurances.