This inaugural €750M issue constitutes Tier 2 regulatory capital in accordance with Solvency 2 regulation. It was great success and was heavily oversubscribed, with orders close to €2 billion. The fixed 2% coupon represents the lowest coupon obtained by CNP Assurances on Tier 2 capital.

The funds raised through this operation will enable CNP Assurances to finance green projects in the following areas:

•    High energy-performance buildings (new builds and renovations)
•    Sustainably-managed forests
•    Green infrastructure such as renewable energy projects and means of transport with low CO2 emissions.

The projects financed within the framework of this bond issue will help CNP Assurances to meet its objective of doubling its green investments to €20 billion by end-2023, versus €10.4 billion at end-2018.
In application of the best standards of the green bonds market (Green Bond Principles), CNP Assurances will publish a report on the use of the funds raised every year, and depending on the data available, the environmental impact of the projects financed (CO2 emissions avoided, energy saved).
In June 2019, CNP Assurances became the first European issuer in the insurance sector to publish a green bond framework. The issued bond is also the first callable green bond from a European insurer.

All the documents relating to the operation are available on the website