By 1 March, the 1400 companies in France that employ more than 1000 people will need to have measured their performance on the basis of five indicators and published their overall score, based on the equal opportunities index calculation method. CNP Assurances is already ahead of the game and has published its own score of 99/100 – the result of a long-term commitment to tackling discrimination and promoting diversity.

In November 2018, in a bid to put an end to the gender pay gap, Muriel Pénicaud, France’s minister of labour and Marlène Schiappa, secretary of state for equality between men and women and tackling discrimination, announced the creation of an equal opportunities index. Companies can use it to measure their progress based on five objective indicators so they can – where necessary – implement corrective measures.

Before the deadline set by the government for companies employing 1000 people or more, CNP Assurances has already published an overall score of 99/100 – evidence of how advanced it is when it comes to equal opportunities. The firm obtained the maximum score for practically all of the indicators: gender pay gap for people of comparable ages in comparable positions, individual pay rise differences and discrepancies in promotions between men and women, pay rises when women come back from maternity leave, gender-based apportionment of the ten employees with the highest salaries.

"This score of 99/100 is recognition of CNP Assurances' proactive approach to tackling the gender pay gap. For a long time, we have been committed to promoting diversity and non-discrimination and we were one of the first companies to be awarded the Diversity Label in 2009. This certification was renewed first in 2012 and then extended for another four years in 2016", says Bérengère Grandjean, CNP Assurances' Human Resources Director.

This initial highly positive report confirms CNP Assurances' sound performance in terms of professional equality. The company's aim is to publish an identical score every year following its assessment.

This score of 99/100 is recognition of CNP Assurances' proactive approach to tackling the gender pay gap.

Bérengère Grandjean, CNP Assurances' HRD