Pursuing its objective of facilitating access to health information and healthcare, Lyfe is today announcing a new partnership with Sénèque in the optical business. A new service proposed free of charge to the 1,755,000 beneficiaries of the Lyfe platform - members of around 20 mutual insurance companies, personal risk institutions,  pension funds and employees of partner companies - Sénèque offers them the opportunity to get the best value for money for their glasses, and on average reduces their bill by 20-25%, by comparing quotes from opticians referenced by the platform, based on an optical care plan. The site’s ergonomic design facilitates browsing and the user experience.

Complementary to the service that enables users to book an appointment quickly with an ophthalmologist that we put in place a year ago with Point Vision, the Sénèque service is offered free of charge to Lyfe users. This contact service enables them to compare offers and thus get the best value for money for their eyewear”, says Pierrick Libralesso, Head of social protection services at CNP Assurances.

We are happy to propose to the 1,755,000 beneficiaries of CNP Assurances’ Lyfe platform our optician contact service, which enables them, on average, to enjoy lower prices on their glasses at the same level of quality, just through competition and without any limit on the choice of lenses or frames. We are also delighted to complement Lyfe’s “ Rendez-vous ophtalmo” service, offering users a global solution to improve access to ophthalmology and optical care”, adds Jean-Louis Dufloux, Chairman and Founder of Sénèque, recalling that “opticians can freely sign up to our platform without charge”.

Examples of services to support Lyfe users every day
•    Teleconsultation: consultation by chat, telephone or video with general practitioners or specialists (more than 25 specialities covered)
•    Medical examinations: appointments in less than 3 days for scans, mammograms, radiology procedures, echograms, etc.
•    Check-up: complete check-up in a Paris health centre (general practitioners and specialists)
•    Well-being coaching: personalised support to take care of yourself on a daily basis and achieve your well-being objectives
•    Allo Expert Dépendance: personalised support for people experiencing a loss of autonomy or for their loved ones, from experts in assisted living for older people (social and psychological support)
•    Ophthalmologist appointment: appointment within 3 business days in one of the 30 Point Vision centres located across France for an eye test, glasses or lenses prescription or to monitor eye diseases or surgery (notably cataracts and refractive errors).