Paris, 26 Mai 2015

Field observations have highlighted the difficulties faced by people with an intellectual disability in correctly monitoring various aspects of their health, including difficulties expressing certain types of pain, starting and adhering to their medical treatments and attending appointments.

As of 21 May 2015, Trisomie 21 France now offers an online medical monitoring resource to help people with an intellectual disability, particularly Down’s Syndrome, look after their own health.
Supported by the CNP Assurances Foundation, was created by healthcare professionals, Trisomie 21 France directors and people with Down’s Syndrome. It is aimed at anyone with an intellectual disability, their families and carers, as well as healthcare professionals. The website complies with the European standards for making information easy to read and understand and offers a speech synthesis function for deaf and hard of hearing people, making it accessible to all. To further facilitate comprehension, the web pages are illustrated with pictograms and photos, an initiative supported by OCIRP, the umbrella organization of French annuity and death and disability insurance institutions. offers access to a wealth of regularly updated information such as advice and insight from healthcare professionals, videos and fact sheets covering such topics as nutrition, fatigue and gluten. By simply creating a free account on the website, users also have access to a set of practical tools including a directory, a diary and a medical appointment tracker.
The financial support provided to the project by the CNP Assurances Foundation amounts to a total of €40,000.

The website will soon be upgraded to provide information to an even wider audience. Information specific to each type of disability should be available by the end of 2016.

"This new resource enables everyone, particularly people with Down's Syndrome, to access healthcare information, talk to the relevant professionals, and exercise their right to health" explains Cécil Dupas, Chair of Trisomie 21 France. 

"We are delighted to have contributed to the launch of, an innovative, socially valuable project that fits in perfectly with the initiatives supported by the CNP Assurances Foundation" says Sylvie Chaumont-Vallon, head of the CNP Assurances Foundation.