Paris, 12 Novembre 2015

Fondation CNP Assurances was created in 1993 in order to promote, support and initiate all actions and projects of general interest in the healthcare field.

In 2009, as part of its commitment to key public health issues, Fondation CNP Assurances chose to contribute to improving the first aid reaction for heart attack victims by encouraging French municipalities to install defibrillators in public places and to offer first aid instruction to as many people as possible in the community.

This action by Fondation CNP Assurances is very much in keeping with its initiatives in the health sector and its policy of solidarity and social responsibility.

Fondation CNP Assurances invites French municipalities to present their projects to install automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in public places and to inform and instruct the general public in how to use them and how to give basic first aid if someone is suffering from a heart attack.

A strong commitment by Fondation CNP Assurances

Between forty and sixty thousand people die every year in France from a heart attack suffered outside of a hospital. This is ten times more than the number of mortalities from road accidents. In France, the survival rate for victims of a heart attack is estimated at between 2 and 3%. It is as high as 40% in some European countries where the population is better informed about first aid techniques and where more public places are equipped with AEDs. A quick reaction thanks to knowledge of first aid techniques and the use of PADs helps to save between five and ten thousand lives each year. 

To contribute to this effort, over the past six years Fondation CNP Assurances has launched several calls for projects and has funded  the installation of over 3,000 AEDs and public awareness-raising actions on how to use the equipment in over 2,000 municipalities and local communities, representing a sum of €1,973,000.

Conditions of the call for projects 

The projects must:

  • Propose the installation of automated, semi-automatic or fully automatic defibrillators;
  • Be accompanied by a scheme to inform and raise awareness amongst the population in first aid basics, i.e. Alert Massage Defibrillate (AMD);
  • Be put into effect in the year following the decision by the board of directors of Fondation CNP Assurances to support the project.

Fondation CNP Assurances terms of funding

Fondation CNP Assurances may offer its financial support:

  • For the purchase of one or several semi-automatic or fully automatic defibrillators for free access in public places (excluding installation costs). The funding offered by the foundation concerns the total number of defibrillators installed in the framework of the project;
  • And towards the organisation of an informative and awareness-raising scheme such as Alert Massage Defibrillate (AMD) 

Please note: Fondation CNP Assurances does not fund:

  • Projects already conducted (no retroactive funding), 
  • Expenses linked to the installation and maintenance of the defibrillators,
  • Official first aid training courses such as France’s PSC1, and others, which exceed the level of information and awareness-raising actions such as Alert Massage Defibrillate (AMD).

The sum of funding granted to each local authority will be determined by the board of directors of Fondation CNP Assurances. Fondation CNP Assurances has a pluriannual programme of actions representing 4 million euros and counts on the expertise of its board of directors in the choice of which actions to support. This board is made up of company representatives and specialists in medical emergencies and first aid.

To submit a project 

Download the call for projects and application dossier on the French version of the website: / Fondation d’entreprise / Arrêt cardiaque et premiers secours Complete the application dossier and send it to Fondation CNP Assurances:

  • A paper copy by post to the following address: Fondation CNP Assurances 4, place Raoul Dautry – 75716 PARIS Cedex 15
  • A copy by e-mail (non-protected version in Word format) to:

The application dossiers must be submitted before 29 January 2016.