Paris, 10 July 2007

Change of Governance Approved by Shareholders

At the CNP Assurances General Meeting held today under the chairmanship of Edmond
Alphandéry, shareholders approved all of the proposed resolutions. In particular, they:

  • Approved the change in the Group’s corporate governance structure, replacing the Executive Board and Supervisory Board with a Board of Directors, as announced at the Annual General Meeting of 25 April 2007.
  • Approved the corresponding change in the Articles of Association and their alignment with new legislation.
  • Elected all of the members of the former Supervisory Board to the new Board of Directors, with the exception of Jacques Hornez, who was elected as Non-Voting Director alongside Bernard Comolet and Jean-Louis de Mourgues. In addition, Gilles Benoist was elected as a new Director.
  • Granted the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer all of the authorisations and powers necessary for the effective management of the company.

At the close of the General Meeting, the Board of Directors met and appointed Edmond Alphandéry as Chairman and Gilles Benoist as Chief Executive Officer.

The Board also renewed the terms of the members of the Audit Committee and the Remunerations and Nominations Committee, chaired respectively by Alexandre Lamfalussy and Henri Proglio.

Lastly, the Board created a new committee, the Strategy Committee, whose chairman is Edmond Alphandéry.