As part of its commitment to changing perspectives on disabilities, CNP Assurances has formed a sponsorship partnership with Handicap International.

The partnership, signed on 5 July 2023, is divided into two parts:

  • 1 - Handicap International is a beneficiary of the Let’s Move 2023 solidarity challenge. 

Nearly 2,800 employees in CNP Assurances’ 19 operating countries took part in the challenge. Starting on 11 September and for six weeks, they took part in a sporting activity with the aim of notching up 600,000 kilometres. 

They exceeded the target in less than five weeks, covering more than 750,000 kilometres.

Thanks to the success of Let’s Move 2023, CNP Assurances has donated €60,000 to Handicap International. The funds will be used to support the organisation’s inclusive education programme for young people with disabilities.

  • 2 - Handicap International supports Adosen, a partner organisation of the CNP Assurances Foundation, in training for 40 civic service volunteers.

The training comprises an educational kit based on the film We Have a Dream by Pascal Plisson, supported by CNP Assurances and Handicap International. 

The aim of the course is to enable Adosen civic service volunteers to carry out some 100 inclusion awareness-raising interventions in schools. These will be organised in mainland France and French overseas departments between November 2023 and June 2024.


About Handicap International

Handicap International supports vulnerable individuals, including people with disabilities, around the world wherever needed.
The organisation fulfils their essential and specific needs, improves their living conditions, and helps them to integrate into society.

Find out more about Handicap International